Community Projects at Kruistementvlei Farm

Community Involvement

To be part of a community you have to be involved in your community and our involvement include a library on our farm for the children on surrounding farms, a youth group for teenagers and a farmers market. We are hosts for workawayers from all over the world whereby we introduce international travellers to our community and create the opportunity for locals to interact with international travellers, broadening and enriching the lives of all involved.

Farmers’ Market

A farmers’ market held every last Saturday of the month, gives visitors and farmers the opportunity to buy or sell their goods and share in genuine country hospitality

Everything from olives, almonds, vegetables, pancakes, bread and jam, to crafts and plants are cheerfully for sale. Music is generally provided by a live local band.
Farmers market with range of produce.


Youth group eating dinner at the farm.

A few years ago about 10 teenagers around our area were caught being involved in some petty criminal acts and instead of reporting them to the police, we organised an 8 week course here on the farm whereby the perpetrators could be given some guidance and direction in life. Not only was this an amazing experience for these young people, but also an eye opener for us involved with them. At the end of the 8 weeks, they asked if we could continue with these evenings and if they could bring friends along. This is affectionately known as a G2G, (Get together) by the teenagers. This resulted in about 20 teenagers, between the ages of 13 – 17, gathering on a Tuesday evening from 6 to 7:30pm here on Kruistemenvlei. Building on strong value systems and finding a meaning to their existence give participants the confidence to grow into responsible adults who can be role models and leaders in their community. Educating them on life skills, environmental issues and health ensure that they can be co-responsible for the protection of our planet and for life on this earth. Our main role is to be a constant in their (sometimes tumultuous) lives and giving unconditional love while guiding them on their life paths. It has been an amazing opportunity to be involved with these young people and refreshing to hear their views on life and the world around them. To have been walking the road along with many of them from unsure, insecure teenagers to confident and proud young people has been all the reward for us. Come rain or shine they arrive on a Tuesday evening to join in the activities. If you are interested and have skills (drumming, art, dancing, drama etc) worth sharing with these teenagers, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to accommodate you here to share time with them.

“If you want one year of prosperity, plant corn. If you want ten years of prosperity, plant trees. If you want one hundred years of prosperity, educate people.” Chinese proverb


Children playing instruments on farm.We run a community library, doubling as a house of safety, where we give the children of the area the opportunity to broaden their horizons while getting closer to the joy of reading. Old reads (preferably Afrikaans), magazines, pens, toys and puzzles are always needed. Needs vary all the time and if you are interested in helping or just visiting please speak to us.

Children represent the future of our country. Training tomorrow’s adults and teaching them to appreciate reading is to preserve them from a hollow existence by increasing their choices in life, thus securing a solid foundation for our country.


Workaway volunteers helping out.Sharing our culture, our environment and our amazing diversity  with tourists from all over the world, is our passion. South Africa is a country with many challenges, but because of that it is also a country of great diversity and opportunities and above all, a country where visitors are never bored!

Workawayers immerse themselves in our community and get first hand experience of how we do things: meals, routines, interaction with our community, environmental education, and great opportunities to discuss issues, explore and experience. For more info see

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