Eco Friendly Farming & Sustainable Agriculture


We choose to farm with nature, because nature knows best. We try to observe our environment and be aware of what nature is telling us.

Our most important focus is the soil and everything else centres around this. Our hot water system is a compost heap generating hot water and when spent, the final product is used on our fruit trees. The dry toilet systems are composted in a separate composting system to be used on the wood lot that will supply wood for the farm. Our pigs and chickens are an attraction to the visitors, a supply of nutrients for the compost heap as well as meat for our table.

All organic matter is valuable – we recycle whatever is possible and it all goes back to the soil. Swales and Hügelkultur are both planting systems incorporating waste products.

A swale is a ditch dug along the contour and filled with organic matter, it retards water runoff, prevents soil erosion and stores water for slow release into the soil. Hügelkultur or hill culture, uses a composting process in which planting happens on raised beds of compost and wood litter to improve fertility and water retention. It also warms the soil to promote optimal natural plant growth.

Waste fruit from a fruit factory, cut offs from a toilet factory, saw dust from a saw mill, old woods and pallets are all products that we welcome in our systems : from our worm farms to our planting systems.

Bird eating in composting heap.