Everything starts with the soil. Your foundation for health is rooted in the soil: A balanced soil with a smell like a forest floor, rich with micro-organisms and macro organisms, the fourteen minerals that are found in the human body and the moisture to support this life. Access to good healthy food is your right as a human being, and you can do it in your back yard, given the right soil.

It is simple logic: A healthy soil leads to healthy plants, leads to healthy animals and the net result is healthy people. Our soils are our primary focus at Kruistementvlei.

Soil from our compost heap.

Inspecting the progress of decomposition in the compost heap supplying hot water to the house. This heap has been supplying hot water for showers, baths, dish washing etc for just over 10 months.

Composting in swale produces soil.

Organic material being collected in the swales to become a food supply for micro organisims, water store and mineral supply to surrounding vegetation.