Welcome to the Kruistementvlei Farm website!

An undisclosed gem lies atop the Piketberg mountain in the Western Cape where sincere nature lovers can experience the full spectrum of an eco-friendly farm. Whichever travelling type you are: the more comfort orientated or the adventurer, there is a spot for you. Kruistementvlei Farm offers accommodation to both campers and self catering cottage travelers.

Hiking, cycling, bouldering/rock climbing, swimming (if the dam is full and water supply is ample) and satellite spotting are there for the taking. Herbs, compost making, earth worm farming and recycling are just some of the nature projects on this farm that can be viewed any time. In order to preserve our watercourse and save water we make use of dry toilet systems using sawdust as cover, in most of our facilities.

Hooting owls and frog choirs are the only noise you have to endure in the quiet of the evening while waiting for a symphony of stars to appear. Early evening you can pass the time spotting the most abundant display of satellites imaginable. Shimmering rock formations change shape and colour as the sun sheds its light. Well laid out hiking trails lead you through pristine fynbos and the various koppies that abound on the farm. The caves with their San paintings are a reminder of who moved before us!

The destination is the ultimate, but the road here is just as impressive! Coming from either Cape Town or Namibia you venture along the N7 passing through rolling carpets of green wheat fields and yellow canola flowers or golden coloured stubble lands, depending on the time of year you travel. During the summer months splashes of green vineyards amidst the rolling hills of brown catches you unaware and once again you can stand in awe at the splendour of our open country spaces.

View of Kruistementvlei from the hill
Heading up the Versfeld Pass to Piket-Bo-Berg will leave you breathless at the view on the valley below. And once on top the surprise discovery of a community operating on top of a mountain never ceases to surprise the traveller. Apples, pears, persimmons, plums and peaches form the main agricultural activities while fresh vegetables are seasonal crops for some. Cooler air and greenery ensures a very different climate to the valley below and many a traveller gets caught without enough warm clothes to combat the coolness that can set in after sunset.

NO generators, TV’s, music or motorized equipment allowed.

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